Why Ireland?

Ireland, A Global Centre

People in the world already know us.

Ireland is recognised internationally as a leading global centre for IFS: internationally-traded financial services. Over 500 financial institutions employing over 35,000 people provide financial services to every major economy in the world from Ireland.  20 of the world's top 25 Financial Services companies have operations in Ireland - https://www.idaireland.com/newsroom/Publications/Financial-Services-in-Ireland

Ireland lives and works at the centre of your world.

Ireland, Quick-off-the-Mark

Our financial services sector has been quick and eager in leveraging this technology-rich ecosystem. Many financial services firms are locating global technology and innovation centres in Ireland to carry out leading-edge research and development in such areas as Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing, Digital Currencies and Blockchain, Big Data Analytics, Cyber Security, and Digitisation.

IFS Ireland delivers on the Big Data.

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Ireland, Delivering on Every Front

We’re a contemporary, cutting-edge society adopting and adapting to the demands of a fast-moving and ever-changing interconnected global economy.

Today, Ireland is vibrant, talented, experienced and totally at the centre of things.

Our workforce is young, educated and eager. Our global awareness is strengthened by the in-flow of new talent, skills and new thinking from every corner of the world. Ireland is both multi-cultural and multi-talented. Our immense creativity in music, dance, literature, theatre and film means we achieve worldwide recognition way beyond reasonable expectations. Others constantly tell us that our friendliness and hospitality are beyond compare.

Ireland is undoubtedly a wonderful place to work and to live and to be.

IFS Ireland is a proud player in promoting and reinforcing our unique culture and great tradition. Our vision is for Ireland to be the recognised global location of choice for specialist international financial services, building on our strengths in talent, technology, innovation and excellent client service, while focussing on capturing new opportunities in a changing marketplace and embracing the highest standards of governance.