Our Industry

Ireland, For International 
Financial Services

Ireland’s knowledge economy extends far and wide. But, in particular, 
Ireland has built a strong international reputation and expertise in areas of: 

• Investment Servicing (International Funds) 
• Aircraft Leasing 
• International Insurance 
• International Banking 
• Payments 
• Fintech 

Delivering global financial services is second nature for IFS Ireland. 

Ireland, Always Delivering

IFS Ireland is the hub that brings everything and everyone together. It’s the integrated face for the world’s premier financial institutions all trading from Ireland. 

IFS Ireland member companies carry out a wide variety of internationally-traded activities from Ireland across front, middle and back office functions. These include regulated and non-regulated activities. For example, IFS Ireland affiliates provide regulated products and services on a pan-European basis, and non-regulated operations and technology activities in the areas of:

• Global Business and Transaction Services 
• Funds Servicing 
• Multilingual Customer Support 
• Shared Services 
• Finance and Accounting 
• Treasury and Cash Management 
• Technology Development and Innovation



    Ireland is at the forefront of the funds industry and is globally recognised for its specialist skills in this area. Ireland helps investment managers from all over the globe to develop and expand their international distribution footprint. The results are clear - over 900 global investment managers now have €4.9 trillion in assets under administration in over 14,000 funds being distributed to 70 countries from Ireland. Ireland has a broad-based industry with particular strengths in hedge funds (40% of the world’s hedge funds are serviced in Ireland), ETFs (Irish-domiciled ETFs represent 50% of the European market) and the wider alternative assets market. Over 60 international funds industry companies employ more than 16,000 people in Ireland. If you’re looking for evidence of IFS excellence, you’ll find it in Ireland. 



    For over 40 years Ireland has been at the centre of the global aircraft leasing industry. Irish-based lessors manage more than €100 Billion in assets, equating to over 40% of the world’s fleet of leased aircraft and 22% of the global fleet of aircraft. The top lessors in the world, from Asia, Europe and the USA, are optimising Ireland’s track record, knowledge and know-how of global aviation leasing to build multi-disciplinary teams in Ireland covering sales, marketing, finance, asset-management, technical services, securitisation and legal functions. The International Registry of Financial Interests in Aircraft established under the Cape Town Convention is also located in Ireland. You could say things are flying in Ireland’s Aircraft Leasing industry.



    Our small country is a big player in International Insurance. Ireland is now a long-established home to many of the world’s global life, non-life and reinsurance companies. Between them, these companies carry out a wide range of regulated and non-regulated activities out of Ireland for international markets. The sector is a major contributor to the Irish economy with around €200 Billion in assets under management and employs some 27,000 people. Ireland’s long-standing membership of the European Union has enabled International insurance companies located in Ireland and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) to provide insurance products from Ireland on a pan-European basis. Ireland, the Gateway to Europe Many of the world’s leading insurance companies have established EMEA Headquarters and associated business functions in Ireland such as Cross-Border distribution, Solvency II/Compliance, Actuarial, and Underwriting. Other companies use Ireland as an international servicing hub, carrying out activities such as customer support, finance and accounting, risk and compliance, legal, and claims processing. As the Insurance Industry continues to invest in next-generation technology, many of the leading global players are investing in Ireland’s rich technology ecosystem to establish technology centres-of-excellence in areas of analytics, digitalisation, and security and Innovation. With IFS Ireland, you’re assured of working with the very best in today’s global financial village.



    The Banks in Ireland, taken collectively, effectively represent The Banks of the World. Over 50% of the world’s largest global banking institutions have a presence here. Combining local excellence with global reach, IFS-centred banks in Ireland perform a diverse range of end-to-end international banking activities including: Corporate and Wholesale Banking; Corporate and Structured Finance; Securitisation; Trade Finance; Treasury and Cash Management; Foreign Exchange; Global Business and Transaction Services; Technology Development and Innovation. Regulated banking institutions benefit from EU passporting which gives regulatory access to the EU single market. More recently, many of the banks in Ireland are actively leveraging Ireland’s renowned technology ecosystem to establish Technology and Innovation Centres.



    The Payments Industry ranks high on the list of Ireland’s global financial services success stories. It’s a highly-successful sub-sector of our International Financial Services Industry which has seen remarkable growth in recent years. Ireland is now home to many of the world’s global payment companies, both Irish-owned start-up and scaling companies as well as foreign multinationals. The complete spectrum of the payment ecosystem is represented in Ireland: card providers; payment processors; money transfer solutions; payment gateway; billing solution providers; corporate payments and emerging payment companies. Ireland, the Country of Choice Many companies have chosen Ireland as the Country of choice for their International headquarters, operations and technology centres. Payments companies regulated in Ireland are providing payment services on a cross-border pan-European basis. In addition, companies have located Centralised Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, Merchant Solutions, On-Boarding, Legal, Compliance and Risk functions in Ireland. There is a growing Fintech capability in the Payments industry in Ireland with start-ups and multinationals developing new technologies in areas such as analytics, KYC, AML, security, data and mobility.



    In Ireland, the cutting-edge is as sharp as it gets with the leading-edge companies operating here in the Fintech arena. Over the past few decades, Ireland has marked itself out as a key hub for Fintech innovation. As one of the few locations with a proven track record in both Financial Services and Technology, Ireland is uniquely positioned to leverage this innovation. Ireland’s Technology Sector is world-renowned and continues to thrive. Nine of the world’s top 10 global software companies are located here as well as all of the top 10 ‘Born-on-the-Internet’ companies. Ireland has established a rich ecosystem of high-calibre, innovative, indigenous technology companies which have an impressive and growing global representation.