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IFS Ireland

IFS Ireland is the banner brand for Ireland's international financial services industry. The brand has been created to represent and position Ireland’s vision and diverse IFS expertise to the world. IFS Ireland is an all-encompassing singular communication of our innovation and our intent. It embodies the proposition and values of Ireland’s unique capability, our global offer and the success and confidence of an exciting, growing and visionary industry.

A Government-led initiative, IFS Ireland represents a key milestone in moving to a strategic and co-ordinated approach to promoting Ireland as a leading location for international financial services, involving all the relevant Government Departments, IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland, our overseas Embassies  and Consulates, as well as our industry and education partners who actively promote Ireland's IFS capability overseas.

The creation of the IFS Ireland banner brand is a key action of the Government's IFS2020 International Financial Services Strategy.


IFS2020 is a ‘whole-of-Government’ approach to driving the growth and development of international financial services in Ireland, building on our strengths in talent, technology, innovation and excellent client service while focusing on capturing new opportunities in a changing marketplace and embracing the highest standards of governance.

Implementation of the Strategy and the annual Action Plan developed each year is driven by a High Level Public Sector Implementation Committee, which meets quarterly with an Industry Advisory Committee composed of representatives of leading Irish and international IFS companies from a broad range of sectors with diverse experience and perspectives.

The Public Sector Implementation Committee reports quarterly to the Government on progress, reflecting the importance of the sector to the Irish economy and the priority placed by Government on its growth and development.

For further information on Ireland’s IFS2020 strategy and its implementation,
please visit www.finance.gov.ie/what-we-do/international-financial-services/ or contact IFS2020@finance.gov.ie.


IFS2020 Strategy